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Automated Space Saving Storage Solutions

Storage System

In the Systore Sheet lift sheet stock can optimally and efficiently store metal sheets

Vertical carousel

With its unique  flexibility, the lift is the ideal solution for intensive storage.It offers a perfect fit to warehouse needs

vertical crousal

This is the most reliable and hardy of systems for your tools, parts, and/or inventory.

Vertical carousel

horizontal carousels consist of an oval track with rotating bins containing shelves that deliver items to the operator.

Storage System

Do you want to display your rolls so your customers can see them, Do you want to avoid the lifting while cutting from rolls,

Storage Carousel

The ideal solution for storing huge quantities of glass sheets in the smallest space as possible.

Space saving solutions

Wire, Garment, Carpet Machines, Pallet Inverters, Fork lift Attachments,

Pallet Inverters

Our raised storage prices are highly competitive, which makes it the most cost effective way to double the storage space in your warehouse.

Intelligent Space-Saving Solutions at Systore Australia

In this technology driven and information-based world, more and more individuals are looking for practical ways and smart solutions to manage data and enhance productivity at the same time. Space saving solutions and storage systems have therefore become highly in demand. This is exactly where our company comes to play. We offer not just simple but intelligent space saving options and storage solutions to our clients.

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Technical Support

Systore’s friendly and thorough helpdesk is available to all customers.

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Corrective Maintinance

Contracts for non-programmed maintenance, based on call outs and resulting from breakdowns.

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Scheduled Maintenance

Intended to keep systems operating perfectly and anticipating any major or more serious problems.

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hands-on management assures a smooth installation with minimal disruption to your business operation.

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After Sales & Service

All clients are able to update their machines with the latest HW and SW versions developed by the R&D department

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Training Courses

we can arrange regular training days for your staff. With the right knowledge, you can answer many questions yourself,

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Custom Fabrication

customized solutions when standard methods just won’t fit.

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Analysis and Planning

Your SYSTORE project team discusses your project in depth to fully understand your challenges, business goals and budget.

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Optional and Spare Parts Kits

Spare parts packages are avalible to keep with the machines so you know you always have the part avalible.

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Systore Storage Solutions

Vertical carousels & Vertical Lifts have an impressive return on investment because they can mean the difference between outgrowing your current facility’s space and optimizing your current space. But are they reliable enough to depend on?
The answer is yes, in part because the design is so simple: a vertical carousel consists of rotating shelves that move up or down in response to your commands. The Systore Carousel uses its unique twin arm system so that carriers cannot overturn like most other brands of machine. This particular feature reduces the strain that single motor systems endure.

Also, most of our machines are now installed with remote access to diagnose and correct issues instantly online. .”

Selecting the Right Equipment

An important part of making sure your equipment is sufficiently reliable is purchasing the right machines. In deciding on what material handling equipment to purchase, it’s imperative to consider fit, function, quality, and usability of each machine and how it serves your overall objective. Systore can provide your business with the new or used vertical storage system that best suits your operation.

You want to select a high quality machine to reduce unnecessary costs of repairs and losses to downtime. In some cases, pre-owned equipment will help you save substantially on your initial investment and long-term costs. But there is a caveat – if you’re expecting heavy duty performance, then you probably should purchase new equipment and reduce your exposure to potential breakdowns. If you’re running a light- or medium-duty operation, though, then it may make sense to buy used equipment.

Warranties on New and Pre-Owned Equipment

But as with any piece of mechanical or electronic equipment, a breakdown – however unlikely – can occur. As such, Systore has provided sound ways to protect your investment.

On all new material handling equipment purchases, extended warranties come from the manufacturer to provide that added peace of mind. Unlike most of our competitors, Systore offers warranties with some of the pre-owned material handling equipment we sell. This coverage is similar to new product warranty protection (like with a certified pre-owned car), so some conditions apply.

Automated Vertical Storage Systems
  • If you want to create warehouse efficiency and at the same time save space, vertical storage systems are the way to go. Vertical carousels and Vertical Lift Modules use “the cube” — that otherwise wasted space in your warehouse, factory or distribution centre. What’s more, vertical storage systems typically create a substantial return on investment because they can mean the difference between outgrowing your current space and optimizing your current space.If you’re not familiar with vertical storage systems, the basic design is simple: Vertical carousels consist of rotating shelves that move up or down on response to your commands, delivering items to you at an ergonomically safe and convenient access window. Vertical Lift modules which are compact automated storage, and retrieval systems work similarly. In the center, is a platform equipped with an extraction mechanism that operates in the vertical plane. The computer-controlled platform transfers the special storage trays from the access window to an appropriate storage location. While the trays remain in the system, they are protected from the outside environment. With either type of system, you get efficient, automated parts storage.
WMS and ERP Systems

A warehouse management system (WMS) automates (and optimizes) picking and replenishment operations, all with complete item traceability. WMS operating procedures are designed for an intuitive and easy-to-use experience, and allow real-time warehouse management using a PC interface. In addition, the WMS system is easily adapted to existing operations systems such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.

Systore Au Pty ltd is happy to help you figure out how to implement these best practices at your facility. Give them a call today at and figure out how you can better automate your facility.

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What is the Right Solution?

Wondering which space-saving, efficiency-enhancing automated storage and retrieval system is right for your warehouse or distribution center?

Vertical lift modules (VLMs) use a series of trays in a vertical column that are accessed by an extractor and delivered to an ergonomically designed work station to optimize the available floor space within a facility by utilizing the ceiling height available.

In a vertical carousel, interior trays move in a large oval rotation to bring the products or materials to the operator. While at face value a simpler piece of equipment, a vertical carousel uses hardware and software to create a highly efficient warehouse environment like other automated storage and retrieval systems.

Both VLMs and vertical carousels work extremely well with inventory-management software and will improve efficiency, reduce errors and significantly increase productivity. (See the blog post, “Vertical Storage Systems: Seven Reasons to Get a Vertical Lift Module,” which also describes benefits applicable to vertical carousels.)

What about Price?

“For similar-capacity VLMs and vertical carousels “they are going to be priced roughly about the same. It really comes down to what’s a better application for your business.

“Today, in the Australian market it is about 30% vertical lift modules and the rest is made up of vertical carousels, which probably is because of the Reliability of VCs.”

For more information on vertical storage systems, call Systore Au Pty ltd today.

Vertical Carousel Benefits

“Vertical carousels are great when you have products that have a fixed shelf height,” “If most of your products are eight inches high and fit nicely into an eight-inch high shelf, then it would be great for a vertical carousel. This is because a vertical carousel is very compact and dense, whereas with a vertical lift module (VLM), there’s basically an elevator shaft space in the middle that’s empty of product,” he explains. “That means in the vertical carousel you get a bit more product storage in the same footprint.”

Vertical Lift Module Benefits

On the other hand, the vertical lift module provides flexibility, “You can store a lot of varied product heights, and if your products or materials change by season or otherwise over time, the VLM can accommodate that,” he points out. “You put the items on the tray and through electronic eyes, the VLM automatically stores them in the appropriately sized slot.” He says the slots can go as high as 28 inches (depending on the model), and notes that operators can adjust the slot heights through the internal tray rails. “But when operators are storing materials, they don’t have to figure out which slots to put the trays in “the machine does it for them.”

What is Preventative maintenance

Preventative maintenance is a schedule of planned maintenance actions aimed at the prevention of breakdowns and failures. The primary goal of preventative maintenance is to prevent the failure of equipment before it actually occurs.


Your initial capital investment represents a critical part of your business.  To protect that investment, your equipment must be operating at peak performance to ensure your productivity and ultimately your profit.

A Carousel or Lift system that is not properly maintained WILL breakdown and disrupt your entire business from receiving all the way through to shipping. Ask yourself these questions. If my carousel or lift fails for one day how much would it cost my business? What are the consequences for not being able to retrieve that part or ship that product?


Systore will provide preventative maintenance for any vertical lift or Carousel no matter who the manufacture as we understand the importance to your business.

Vertical Storage Systems: Seven Reasons to Get a Vertical Lift Module

  • Space Savings
  • Increased Productivity
  • Improved Ergonomics
  • Enhanced Security
  • Customizable Height and Configurability
  • Simplicity
  • Professional Appearance


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OUR MISSION: To help our clients attain their business goals in the areas of direct costs, efficiency, and productivity by providing them with end-to-end storage solutions, and a long term view worthy of a true partnership.

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