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Long Goods Lift

Long Goods Lift

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A Versatile storage system.
Single-column Vertical Lift System for multi-purpose uses
With its dimensional wide choice of trays and the versatility they offer, SILO L is the ideal solution for the intensive storage of items of various shapes and sizes, even in the same storage system.
SILO L can be suitable for both specific and basic storage requirements providing the freedom to store goods of various shapes.

Benefits At A Glance

  • Maximum exploitation of all available space
  • Wider range of specific weights per tray
  • Enhanced operational flexibility


Versatility in application

Large-sized trays and different load capacity for multi-purpose use

 A wide choice of trays with two different load capacities and a limitless choice of compartmentation accessories (partitions, dividers, bins) guarantee maximum flexibility of application in order to meet almost every goods requirement, from small parts to long/large item storage in the same storage system structure.

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Internal and External Access Openings

Each machine can be equipped with access openings ranging from a minimum of one to a maximum of four. They are positioned at a height of 700 mm (measured from the floor to the bottom of the tray) to ensure maximum ergonomics. The access openings can be either internal or external…

Optional & Add-on’s

A wide range of options to suit every specific need. Increase your productivity offering total ergonomics!

Dividers and Partitions

  • Trays can be individually subdivided to meet the needs of specific applications: tray partitions and dividers help to create the exact number of storage locations required in each tray.
  • Organizing trays perfectly for your stored material provides easier and faster storage and retrieval of the stored items.
  • Trays can be easily reconfigured at any time to respond to changes in the size or quantity of your stored goods.
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Barcode Reader

  • The easy integration of barcode scanners for order identification, picking and confirmation increase accuracy and maximize productivity.

Load Cells

Load cells, integrated into tray runners at the access opening, check that the material weight on each tray does not exceed the maximum tray load capacity.

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Unique Panelled Skins

Panelled structures for Outdoor Installations

  • Double-skinned, galvanised pre-painted panels, insulated with polyurethane foam and applied to the system’s top cover and side panels, guarantee maximum protection of both the equipment and the items stored.
  • The thickness and heat transfer co-efficiency of the panels used should be evaluated according to the specific needs.

Panelled Structures for Fire Protection

  • Double-skinned, galvanised pre-painted panels, insulated with a mineral fibre and applied to the system top cover and side panels, guarantee the maximum protection of both the equipment and the items stored.
  • The thickness and fire-resistance rate of the panels used should be evaluated according to the specific needs.

Industries And Applications

Warehousing & Distribution Logistics

  • Order fulfillment and replenishment
  • Order consolidation

Manufacturing Logistics

  • Work in Process (WIP):
  • Raw Material, Parts, Sub-assemblies Feeding & Buffering
  • Kitting
  • Maintenance Repair Operations (MRO)
  • Spare Parts
  • Tools


  • Pharma storage & dispensing
  • Sample storage
  • Medical Equipment and Device storage