Magazzino Lastre Vetro

TMA – Shuttle System

TMA is the brand name for automatic shuttle storage systems which can match the following needs:

  • Space saving
  • Flexibility in the production thanks to the automatic frames movement
  • Non-stop cutting even during the truck unloading operations

Accordingly to the company mission,  TMA can be connected to any type of cutting line and can also be fully integrated with it, allowing the management and the control of glass storage directly from the optimizer or the cutting table’s control.

The modular concept of TMA allows customer to choose their own floor plan according to their space or production needs: it’s possible to combine several types of frames or study a different positioning for the line feeding station or the glass blocks unloading station.


One of the most important aspect is the fact that  TMA can be modified or upgraded even long time after the installation: you can choose now thinking about your future.

TMA are built in accordance with Systore’s mission which dictates the total quality manufacturing and the products safety and reliability. In this respect, we can found the special glass blocks protection device on the shuttle, proper sensors controlling the correct line functioning and all certified and carefully sorted out components, such as ball-bearing and guides, which come from the most famous international manufacturing companies.

Glass storage can be defined as the first ring of the production chain and, for this reason, it has to be easily managed, controlled and, just in case, promptly assisted. In this respect TMA is equipped with:


  • Modern control box with a touch-screen where clear messages, available in different languages, drive the operator.
  • Hardware for the internet connection for the remote technical assistance.

Technical form

Max dim. Glass sheet mm 3.660 x 2.750 6.100 x 3.300 1 x 7.000 x 3.300
2 x 3.660 x 2.750
Thickness mm 3 ÷ 19 3 ÷ 19 3 ÷ 19
Space for glass mm 250 410 410 410
Total dimension mm 350 510 510 510
Load Capacity Ton 4 8 15 20
Voltage supply V 400 400 400
Power supply Kw 6.0 6.0 6.0
Pneumatic supply Bar 8 8 8
Pneumatic consumption Nl/min 50 50 50
User’s interface   7-inch color touchscreen
Windows CE O.S.
with remote assistance
7-inch color touchscreen
Windows CE O.S.
with remote assistance
7-inch color touchscreen
Windows CE O.S.
with remote assistance