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Palomat Greenline Pallet Stacker

PALOMAT Greenline only requires a 230 V power supply

The pallet magazine/ pallet dispenser  PALOMAT Double Up – Two in a line – which is a part of our Stand Alone line – is for automatic pallet stacking and destacking – 1+1 empty pallet two in a line using the touch-panel. PALOMAT Double Up only requires a 230 V power supply.


The user inserts or removes the pallets using a stacking truck or a fork lift truck. All pallet handling is carried out at floor level. The PALOMAT Double Up detects the pallets via photo sensors, aften which they are automatically stacked or destacked 1+1 pallet two in a line.


Destacking: Two stacks of no more than 15 pallets will be inserted in the PALOMAT, after which the pallets are automatically destacked 1+1 two in a line.


Stacking: The pallets are inserted 1+1 pallet two in a line in the PALOMAT, after which the pallets are automatically stacked to no more than 2×15 pallets. The two stacks can subsequently be removed.


The pallet magazine/ pallet dispenser PALOMAT Double Up is only operated manually using the touch panel when there is to be a change between stacking and destacking or vice versa. In addition to this, the PALOMAT Double Up operates automatically.


Please be aware of that the PALOMAT Double Up only handles 1+1 pallet two in a line – not pallets one by one. This applies for stacking as well as destacking.


Pallet magazine PALOMAT Double Up – Two in a line


Energy: 220-240 VAC / 50 Hz
Standby Consumption: 23 W
Consumption during operation: 1000 W (at maximum load)
Noise Level: 70 dB(A)
Max Insurance: 13A
Steering: Siemens S7-1200


As the PALOMAT is equipped with various sensors, wires and pipes, cleaning must only be carried out with a weak alkaline cleaning agent. The PALOMAT must not be flushed, but only wiped with a damp cloth.