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Raised storage areas - mezzanine Floors Perth. Get more space by doubling your floor space.
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Raised Storage Area

What is Raised Storage Areas ?

At Systore, we have the equipment and expertise to deliver these solutions. We are a leading supplier of raised storage areas in Perth, as well as in the eastern States.

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Our raised storage prices are highly competitive, which makes it the most cost effective way to double the storage space in your warehouse. We have a wide range of products to meet your storage needs, from modular and ready-to-use shelving to custom-made racks and mezzanine systems. While providing a solution, we take into account all of the relevant factors, such as storage density, forklift access, LIFO/FIFO inventory management and anything else that is important for your warehouse.

All of our storage and racking systems are tailored to the layout details of your space. This ensures that our raised floors are designed to enhance storage space while allowing easy access to gates, structural staircases, handrails, and other key areas of the warehouse. The systems are also free standing and designed to give forklifts full access underneath the raised storage area.

This level of attention to detail ensures that the systems are highly safe and efficient. No matter what business you are in and the layout of your warehouse, Systore can deliver a solution that improves your storage capacity.

We are happy to visit your site and provide a free, no-obligation quote. You can also provide us with your warehouse information such as height, length, depth, access gates, staircase position, lead time estimates, loading requirements, and other details so our staff can devise a storage solution and free quote.


Raised storage areas are a great solution for many warehouses, especially if space is low. They are also an underutilized option as many businesses do not realise what these storage units are capable of delivering. Here are some of the primary benefits that these convenient systems offer:

  • They provide additional storage capacity by allowing you to take advantage of as much space as possible in your warehouse. This minimises waste throughout your business and cuts down on inventory costs.
  • Raised storage areas can be specifically designed to allow easy access for people and machines above and below the framework. This level of convenience is not achievable with many other storage solutions.
  • With more storage space, you can hold extra inventory, stock additional products and have more flexibility in how you operate in general. These options make it easier to adjust and expand as needed.
  • Raised storage systems can be configured to improve both the safety and efficiency for your employees and organisation as a whole. That’s a rare combination for most storage solutions on the market.
  • They are an extremely cost effective way to increase the storage capacity at the warehouse site that you already use. Otherwise, you would have to think about moving to a new warehouse, expanding your warehouse or storing some inventory off-site.
  • It’s easy to design a raised storage area based on both the unique needs of the business and layout of the warehouse. Their flexibility is one of the reasons they are so effective and easy to implement.
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