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Scheduled Maintenance

Vertical storage Lift
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Superior Maintenance Programs Prevents Machine Downtime.

Maintenance programs can extend the equipment life and save money for vertical Carousels and lift systems.

“We all know that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” That’s true in the words of warehousing, Manufacturing, or commercial operations were downtime is so expensive and uptime is so very critical, you have already made the first step by purchasing the machinery and improving your productivity, so protect your investment with one of Systore’s superior Preventative maintenance programs.

  • Ensure a longer life for your equipment
  • Prevent down time due to failure
  • Make your operations more reliable
  • Get better information on the status of your equipment
  • Prevent service calls by heading off problems before they can occur
  • Simplify your operations by putting the burden of this specialized maintenance on Systore’s experienced technicians.
  • Obtain the complete Systore maintenance approach which includes the Systore Maintenance audit, the audit is an assessment of all your maintenance needs and what it takes to meet them. We help you document everything with equipment lists, manufactures documentation, Maintenance history,

After the Audit we offer

  • Onsite log, including maintenance history
  • Spare parts lists

Schedule of maintenance activates


Specialised is better

Extraordinary – repair –Callout maintenance to tackle all eventualities relating to faults, irrespective of their cause, Systore offers contracts for non-programmed maintenance, those based on call outs and resulting from breakdowns. The nationwide coverage and competence of Systore technicians guarantees times and outcomes that are always positive, even at particular times of the day and during holidays where necessary. This is in addition to remote real time assistance where this proves possible. Well-aware of the importance of prompt intervention for our clients, the remote assistance service has been created to optimize assistance provided, thereby reducing the time and costs involved. As a Systore Customer you will receive the contact details of your own expert to call in times of need. Most of the times the problem can be sorted via telephone.

Live technical support hotline.

You may already have maintenance people working on your systems and other Material handling equipment, obviously all mechanical equipment needs to be maintained.  Systore can take it to the next level by providing a level of maintenance expertise superior to any other that helps you keep running as smooth as possible and in most cases we cost less per service program.  Our techs are trained in the specifics of this equipment and attend regular manufacturer training and constantly update our knowledge. We specialise in this and this is why we can execute and prevent timely repairs.

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