Sheet metal storage Lift

Sheet Metal Storage Lift

Vertical Lift – Large sheet metal storage in a small space

In the Systore Sheet lift sheet stock can optimally and efficiently store metal sheets. The Systore sheet stock, available as a single-line or multi-line storage system solution can be equipped with 4.000 mm metal sheets. The individual weight of the sheet tray can accommodate up to 3t payload.

Special sizes are of course available on request.

The one-line sheet bearing type can accommodate sheets in large format 1,500 x 4,000 mm and a weight of 3 tons per pallet. With a payload of up to 50 t total payload it adapts flexibly to the storage heights. The stored material is placed in the storage tower and is automatically brought from the storage and retrieval device to the user. The loading and unloading of Systore can be done with a forklift.

Product overview

Heavy duty drawer storage systems and cassette handling for metal and plastic processing /  production and trading company’s.

  • perfect ordering
  • highest space diversity – a confined space
  • shortest access time
  • extremely fast payback
  • from manual to fully automatic!
  • Highest efficiency ever!
  • Design and distance of the drawers can be adapted to the weights and
  • heights of the sheet packages
  • Number of running rail pairs and distance of raster can be chose individually when ordered
  • Drawers can be retrofitted
  • Running rails are galvanized and resistant to friction

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