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Training Courses

Training Courses

Vertical storage Lift

To get the most from your vertical storage system, we can arrange regular training days for your staff. With the right knowledge, you can answer many questions yourself, and won’t need to contact our support department at every small hurdle. We can arrange courses focusing on three different areas:

  • Training for Operators

On this course, the operators take part in practical exercises and learn more about new functions that make the work easier. We run through the conditions necessary to maximize the equipment’s performance at all times.

  • Training for Super Users

Those responsible for the machinery in your company need a deeper understanding and knowledge of how the vertical storage Systems work and are controlled. This course dives deeper in to how the critical values are to be interpreted and attended to.

  • Training on Critical Spare Parts

We train your mechanics and repairers on how to manage the replacement of spare parts. With this knowledge, you can attend to situations yourself, which would otherwise cause expensive stoppages.