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Wire Carousel

Wire Carousel

Do you hold stock of wire reels,cables,spools,

Do you wish to optimize your floor space and bring efficiency to your operation at the same time? If yes, then Systore Wire Carousel is for you.

Systore’s Wire Carousel is a motorized wire storage system designed to organize your wire storage operation. The carousel is desire to handle everything from  storing, retrieving, and dispensing various ranges of wire, cable, to rope, chain, and other materials stored in reels or spools vertically which effectively utilizes overhead storage space.

Our spool carousel is one of the industry’s best with an extremely flexible wire storage solution which has a fully adjustable interior to accommodate changing inventory.


Increases Available Storage:

The Wire Carousel increases an organizations effective storage capacity by integrating overhead space into the room’s useable storage space. This is accomplished by automating storage which turns hard to reach storage locations into easily accessible locations allowing inventory to move in and out without difficulty.

Systore’s carousel features carriers with interchangeable positions to allow for full space utilization in applications that feature high product turnover.


Increase Efficiency

Systore’s Wire Storage System eliminates lifting and moving heavy spools often found in more conventional wire storage racks with the aid of new features of assortment of cut/measure/re-roll attachments that may be placed in front of the wire carousel or attached to its face. This makes tasks easier because it dispenses, measure and cut in a single operation.


Increase Health and Safety

With the push of a button, spooled products near the ceiling can be retrieved at the ground level thereby eliminating other hazardous retrieval methods that may leads to workplace injury or even loss of life.

Additionally, Systore wire storage system can present product at any comfortable height, thereby reducing unnecessary bending, walking, lifting heavy loads which thereafter helps to avoid work place injury.

These are all made possible by the specially designed mechanical features of the wire storage system.

Vertical carousel
Vertical carousel
Vertical carousel